This year’s long cruise was out of the usual comfort zone for Sea Scout Ship 502 Invincible, because instead of sailing on top of the water, we were swimming underneath it. Several of our Scouts had the opportunity of learning how to scuba dive. It was an amazing experience, from the first strange, timid breath underwater to the final hour long swim.

Throughout the week long adventure, we cooked, slept and lived on our boats, but come three o’clock we would find ourselves in a classroom eagerly waiting to learn about the mysteries of scuba diving. After we learned the theory of what we needed to know, we took our newly learned skills to the water and tested them there. This is where the fun truly began. Taking that first breath underwater is scary and seems unnatural at first, but then you take another and another, and you find how smoothly you can move through the water. Before you know it, you’re scuba diving!

The ‘Open Water Dives’, where we really got to test our skills, were, for obvious reasons, the most fun. After we took our final test over skills like hovering, clearing our goggles underwater, and emergency accenting, we were able to dive around sunken motor boats, tires, and even a school bus!  We followed our instructor around for a tour of Lake 288, the lake where we dived. He showed us all sorts of things, the most entertaining being a hula hoop anchored right in the middle of the lake which we were all able to swim through. We dived around for about an hour before some of our air started to run a little low and it was time to head in.

All in all, it was an exciting and educational experience that was completely unique. Now many of us have a skill we all want to build on. Next year, I’m sure that we will be going to somewhere we will be able to dive, as well as sail. I defiantly recommend scuba diving for someone who’s never had the chance to do it before. See you in the water!

Courtney, Ship 502