Henry Hudson and his crew first navigated many of the waters in New England in 1609 on the tall ship d’Halve Maen.

Today, people from all over have the opportunity to sail on this square-rigged vessel up and down three fresh water rivers in Connecticut and New York, also known as the Three Rivers of New Netherlands.

Today, the ship is known as the Half Moon.

Currently, the crew of the ship is not only made up of those who have been with the ship all summer, but a group of lucky high school aged students who applied to make the trip with them.

The ship runs two sessions each summer of a program called “The Fresh River Voyage of Discovery”.

These students are not only learning about marine biology, but also basic nautical skills such as navigation, knot tying, and splicing; just like the Sea Scout program offers!

There are 12 students onboard right now from the Marine Science Magnet School, out of Groton CT, and the Connecticut River Academy, out of East Hartford CT.

The boat is making a six-day trip from New Haven, CT to Poughkeepsie, NY.

Out of the 12 students onboard, two of them are Sea Scouts! Hayley Fogg and Faith Bacon from SSS 584 out of Groton, CT are sailing right now and showing their new friends the ropes of sailing! They are not only Sea Scouts but will also be among some of the first students to attend the Marine Science Magnet School.

As Faith and Hayley can tell you, there are many opportunities for scouts outside of scouting.

The crew of the Half Moon is lucky to have student crewmembers onboard who already know the skills necessary to work on a ship. The crew really appreciated that there were youngsters onboard who knew what they were doing.

Both Faith and Hayley had a blast working with the crew of the Half Moon and cannot wait until next year when they may get the opportunity to go again!

Amanda Ballassi

Northeast Region Boatswain

Ship 584, Groton, CT