Recruiting is the single most important requirement for a Sea Scout.  Several advancement requirements call for making different presentations on Sea Scouts.  However, what should you include in a presentation about Sea Scouts?

It is important to know your audience for any presentation.  A Boy Scout Troop may be more interested in the background of Sea Scouts, advancement ranks and Scouting opportunities if they joined.  A civics group might be more interested in showing how youth benefit from being a Sea Scout.  A charter partner (sponsor) may want to see past activities of a Sea Scout Ship on a quarterly basis as a way to promote the Ship in the community.

When making a recruiting presentation, consider the following topics to include:

Program Opportunities

Highlight Fun Activities

Showcase Action, such as sailing, competitive events or working on an engine

A call to action, such as an invitation to an upcoming event

Here is a sample presentation prepared for a Boy Scout Troop: