Sea Scout Ship 123 spent Labor day aboard the LST 325. LST stands for Landing Ship Tank.  During WWII LST’s were used to move troops and tanks to beaches. Over 1000 were built for WWII, only two remain in operation today. The LST 325 has a home port in Evansville, Indiana.  The ship serves as a museum and a tribute to the men who served on all LSTs. The LST 325 made countless trips across the Atlantic, but also landed troops in Normandy on D-Day. Ship 123 visited the LST in Henry, Illinois, a stop on the LST’s annual fall cruise. To board the LST you walk through the huge doors that the tanks would arrive out of, then you continue your tour through many workshops, the engine room, crew quarters, galley, officers country, the bridge, and the to the upper deck. All the Sea Scouts who went enjoyed the trip and learned something about maritime history. All of the crew were interested to meet the Sea Scouts and were anxious to tell stories. Ship 123 is planning a long cruise aboard the LST 325 this spring and plans to spend the week doing maintenance aboard the ship. I encourage any Sea Scout or ship to visit their local maritime museum or ship museum, or plan to visit one during a trip.

Front of Ship

Crew Quarters

Mounted Guns

Crew on Top Deck

The Bridge

Ship Officers Enjoying Tour

Crew in Front of Ship

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Peter Schmidt

Central Region Boatswain

Ship 123, Springfield, IL