We all woke up early this morning, as Dan Carriveau, the National Venturing President, John Rehm, the National Order of the Arrow Chief, Jack Pape, an Eagle Scout, and I, were all interviewed by Bill Bennett’s Morning in America show.

The Supreme Court

After that, my fellow Texan, RJ McCullen and I went to a reception to meet our Senetor, John Cornyn.  After our Senate visit, we visited the Supreme Court, where we had lunch and a tour from General Bill Suter.  He was extremely nice, and during our lunch visit, he gave us some great advice!  During our tour, he showed us the Supreme Court, the library of the Supreme Court, a number of prestigious offices, and the dining room of the Supreme Court Justice’s!  He then took us to the Top Court (that is, basketball) at the top of the Supreme Court, where we all played a quick game of basketball!  It was a big hit!

We then made our way to the US Department of Agriculture, where we heard about the different projects they are currently working on!  It was a very informational and interesting visit!  For dinner, we got to go to the Washington, DC Hard Rock Cafe, and after that we made our way, like good tourists, to the gift shop across from the hotel!

Fair Winds!

Eva Hogan

National Sea Scout Boatswain

Ship 502 – Houston, TX