During the morning, we visited Arlington Cemetery:
-Witnessed the change of watch at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
-Laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
-Talked with a member of the Honor Guard, and learned how dedicated they are to the position
-Visited the JFK Memorial



Then, we made our way to the Pentagon:
-Met the Joint Chief of Staff, General Martin E. Dempsey – Daniel Green, the Cub Scout Representative dropped his challenge coin, and General Dempsey told him to drop and give him 10, and Daniel did!
-Had lunch with our wonderful host Vice Admiral William E. Gortney
-Met the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta
-Met the Sergent Major of the Army, Raymond F. Chandler
-Received a tour of the Pentagon from a very knowledgeable Airman, and a very knowledgeable Navy Airman
Conclusion: An excellent day! Scouts make a huge impact on our world, so keep it up scouts!



Fair Winds!
Eva Hogan
National Sea Scout Boatswain
Ship 502 – Houston, TX