The Gold Centennial Sea Scout Award Requirements are posted on This 2012 opportunity is just one way Sea Scouts can celebrate our Centennial.

Sea Scouts who earn the Gold Centennial Sea Scout Award may order the pin from the National Sea Scout Director (the order form is on the Gold Centennial Sea Scout Award Packet).

To earn the Gold Centennial Sea Scout Award, a Sea Scout must accomplish the first requirement/activity of each ‘Cardinal Point’ of the 4 S’s of Sea Scouting and four additional cardinal point activities of their choice:

Cardinal Point: Scouting

1. Participate in a national, regional, council or ship organized recruiting event and bring a friend.

2. Make a presentation to a community group, school, church, etc. about the Sea Scout program, activities, benefits and what you have learned. (See Able requirement #2(b) or Quartermaster requirement #2(b))

3. Be an active member of a Sea Scout Ship that earns the Journey to Excellence Unit award.

4. Attend 75 percent of your ship’s activities. (See Ordinary requirement #2(a) or Able requirement #2(a)).

Cardinal Point: Seamanship

1. Earn the next Sea Scout rank: Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, or Quartermaster or maintain being active with your ship if already a Quartermaster.

2. Earn an additional Sea Scout or Boy Scout recognition or merit badge that is directly related to aquatic safety and skill. Examples include: Any Centennial Advancement Elective; Long Cruise Badge; Snorkeling BSA; Scuba BSA; Boardsailing BSA; BSA Lifeguard; SEAL Training; Small Boat Handler; Qualified Seaman; Motorboating merit badge; Rowing Merit Badge; Scuba merit badge; or Small-Boat Sailing merit badge.

3. Hone your skills by participating in a national, regional, council, or ship event that focuses on safety and seamanship. Examples include: Safety at Sea Weekend; task cruise; regatta; Koch Cup; or other sailing race.

Cardinal Point: Service

1. Serve your community by participating in a service project at a national, regional, council, or ship level, and/or complete the Quartermaster requirement #3(a).

2. Serve your Sea Scout community by participating in an activity that benefits your ship or fleet. Examples include: hauling out a boat; refurbishing equipment; or doing the set-up and cleanup for a Sea Scout activity.

3. Adopt or submit a waterways service project that relates to your local community, such as a state coastal clean up day. Log at least five (5) hours of work for your service project.

Cardinal Point: Social

1. Attend and participate in an official national, regional, council, or ship Sea Scout Centennial celebration.

2. Contribute to the Sea Scout Centennial archive by submitting photos, videos, or stories.

3. Attend and participate in an event for Sea Scout alumni in your area and/or the charter organization and supporters of your ship.