Last month one of the largest Sea Scout events in the Southern Region, the Davy Jones Rendezvous, took place on High Rock Lake at the Old North State’s Charles T. Hagan, Jr. Sea Scout Base and the Old Hickory Council’s Raven Point Seabase. Over 200 Sea Scouts and Venturers attended, making it the largest Davy Jones Rendezvous to date.

The Davy Jone Rendezvous Logo. Click for more photos!

The Davy Jones Rendezvous Logo. Click for more photos!

The weather cleared up Saturday morning and we had a tremendous day on the water and on land. Some of the events were modified by their coordinators with great success and we had a couple of popular new events. One of the most popular events was the sailboat regatta which started on land with the sailors wading to their boats being held by their crew member. They had to hoist the sail, race the course, climb out of the boat, and run back to shore and tag the finish line. This regatta comes out of a 1930’s  BSA manual. Another popular event was the one match string burn, but it was modified to require that the participants split a piece of wood, use a hand ax to gather shavings and start the fire with the material gathered. Finally, the fishing tournament was added for the first time and new and folks who had never tried fishing before were able to do quite well. To get more information  or to see pictures form past events visit the Davy Jones Rendezvous on Facebook.

Kin Cartrette

Davy Jones Rendezvous Event Coordinator