Social MediaOver the last week you may have noticed some changes to our Social Media presence. Changes to our Social media strategy are well underway. For the last year we have built up our Social Media profiles to meet our four primary social media goals, to spread the word about Sea Scouts, to engage our Sea Scouts through online interactions, to share the experiences of our Sea Scouts, and to get important information out fast. As you might imagine that’s a lot of work, and we want to target our Sea Scouts specifically so we began a project to create a sustainable Social Media Plan.

On May 1st, the National Social Media Team launched. This team made up of 15 talented Sea Scouts from around the country will be blogging, posting, and tweeting about the Sea Scout experience. This team was selected based on their qualifications, ideas, and experience in Sea Scouting and Social Media.  Please join me in welcoming the Inaugural National Sea Scout Social Media Team and be sure to Follow along with our team!

Social Media Team

Team Leadership

Peter Schmidt, Social Media Coordinator
Trenton S. (Southern Region), Administrative Coordinator
Reuben L. (Northeast Region), Content Coordinator

Administrative Team

Mike P. (Northeast Region)
Addison L. (Northeast Region)
Jon C. (Central Region)
Brenda R. (Northeast Region)

Content Team

Nickolas B. (Central Region)
Briana M. (Southern Region)
Marc C. (Central Region)
Alexander J. (Northeast Region)
Maxim F. (Western Region)
Taylor K. (Northeast Region)
Hannah B. (Northeast Region)
Henry D. (Northeast Region)
Edward Campbell (National)


Peter Schmidt
National Boatswain

You can contact the team by email at