Ship 41 Like Jacket Competition If you look at educational trends right now you might notice a large emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Students are studying it in the classroom, in labs, and in extracurricular activities. In Scouting, youth can earn the NOVA and Supper NOVA awards for learning about STEM ideas, and Scouts learn about STEM through rank advancement. That’s a whole lot of STEM educational opportunities, but Ship 41 of Bay Village, Ohio took it to the next level!

Sea Scouts of Ship 41 not only studied Archimedes Principal and buoyancy, they went through the entire engineering design process, Define the Problem, Do Background Research, Specify Requirements, Brainstorm Solutions, Choose the Best Solution, Do Development Work, Build a Prototype, Test and Redesign, as they designed a fun and creative life jacket concept!

The concept was one of 14 finalists out of 250 total entries into the 2015 Boat US life jacket competition. However, the Sea Scouts of Ship 41 need your support. Help out Ship 41 and vote for their concept at everyday thought July 8th.

Does your Ship take part in a STEM initiative, if so let us know in the comments below.

Bravo Zulu Ship 41 for setting the bar so high and best of luck in the competition,

Peter Schmidt
Past National Boatswain